Specializing in 100% Kona and Kona Blend Coffee has made Royal Kona the coffee of choice in virtually every hotel and fine dining room in Hawaii. Our pure Kona and Kona blends are served at Hawaii’s best hotels and restaurants, including Roy Yamaguchi’s, Sam Choy’s and Russell Siu’s 3660 On the Rise.

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Royal Kona is the Original Kona Coffee

Royal Kona Pure Kona Coffee

All Kona Coffee comes from a tiny strip of land, less than 1 mile wide and only 30 miles long. This tiny strip of land is divided into hundreds of Kona Coffee farms, growing pure Kona Coffee. But, Royal Kona is the Original Kona Coffee. We led the way.

You see, back in the 1960’s a small coffee roaster in San Francisco discovered a little-known bean, grown in Kona, Hawaii. They started roasting these Kona Coffee beans. Then they sold the company. The new owners moved to Hawaii and in 1968, Royal Kona Coffee was born.

For many years, Royal Kona purchased all the green beans the Farmer’s Cooperative could supply. Kona Coffee farmers were happy and Royal Kona was happy.

The dream was to market Kona Coffee to International fame so coffee drinkers of the world could know the Aloha flavor of this little-known bean from Kona, Hawaii.

Time marched on. With the arrival of the Internet, some farmers built their own websites.

But many, many more Kona Farmers still count on Royal Kona Coffee. They grow Kona Coffee, hand-pick it with care, and bring it to us. We clean, sort, grade and roast their fresh-picked Kona Coffee. Just like we have for almost half a century.

Almost Half a Century of Kona Roasting Experience

Kona coffee

At Royal Kona Coffee, you get almost half a century of roasting experience in every cup. Because it’s not just the bean.

The bean is important, of course. The Kona Coffee belt has idea conditions for growing coffee. High elevation. South-seas climate. Sunshine. Cloud cover & rich volcanic soil.

But the roast makes all the difference. Roasting not quite enough, or just a few seconds too long can ruin a great bean. And roasting is where we excel. With almost a half century of experience, how could we not?

We proudly offer our 100% Estate Kona Coffee, Private Reserve Kona and the rare Peaberry Kona Coffee, dubbed the “champagne of Kona” by coffee connoisseurs around the world.

We also offer Kona Coffee Blends created by world-renowned Chefs, flavored Kona blends and more. To browse all our coffee, visit our Kona Coffee Store. Mahalo!

Delighting Customers For Almost Half a Century