Customer Reviews

Today I received my shipment of coffee, and I was elated!!! Thank you, Mahalo.


Will be in Honolulu, HI for several hours and I am looking so forward to an 1/2 hr tour and buying some fantastic coffee. Hope you have the Buy 2, Get 3 when I get there. See y’all next week.


Friends brought me some Royal Kona decaffeinated 10% Kona from their recent visit to Hawaii. This has to be the BEST I have tasted and now need to know if I can purchase this in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

Fran Mills

I have been making the BEST coffee ever on my RV stove with a little percolator coffee pot… have been using Royal Kona Vanilla Macadamia Coffee. I love this coffee…have been enjoying it for awhile

Carolyn Hunter

Best. coffee. period.

Ty Allen

Went on your tour a few years back while we visited the Islands with Celebrity Cruises… Your Royal Kona Coffee is THE BEST COFFEE I’VE EVER HAD!

Louise Raymond

Shasta Lake, CA

Love this coffee.

Margaret Moore‎

A good friend just brought me this sweet mug and Royal Kona Coffee from Hawaii! The coffee taste good and I think I look like the mug face somewhat in the morning before I drink my coffee.

Daniel Kent

My bf Marlene brought some back to me in New Zealand and it’s divine!

Liza Ah You

New Zealand

WOW!!!! Your Coffee well…… lets just say “The Best Ever”! Had a sample of your Royal Kona 10% Coffee Blend in my Hotel Room (at Waikiki Beach). Sooooo good it will make you slap your mama (that’s a southern term, haha) ~

Thank you very much for sharing your GREAT coffee from a True Royal Kona Coffee Fan in South Carolina!!!!!

Etta Edge

South Carolina

Our first experience with Kona Coffee was in Hawaii in 1980 and Bobby has been hooked since.

Kathy & Bobby

I have enjoyed kona coffee for years and recently had it delivered to my home directly from Hawaii ,the bean form is the freshest you can get .(Will forever love Kona coffee. Thank you Royal kona Coffee

John Handy

I love your coffee! It is so hard to find where I am in Montana. Also, Hawaiian “blends” just don’t cut it. Thank you so much for sharing your product with us!

Cheryl Samson Denton‎


Huge Fan of your coffee. Thanks!

David Weaver

Amazing coffee from Royal Kona…
I’m drinking the most amazing coffee right now. Straight from Hawaii, the Kona region of course. From the moment I opened the packaging, buried my nose and took in that aroma, I was caught in its spell. It was ground as light and fluffy as a cloud. So after brewing this gift from God and finally pouring it into my ceramic mug, I now had the pleasure to experience ecstasy in the form of coffee.

Johnny Godoy